My Webtoon Obsession Pt. 2: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures

Last time, I talked about my recent return to Webtoon with Lore Olympus. My timing was perfect because right after I caught up on that webcomic (171 episodes to be exact), the first webcomic to come out of Webtoon’s recently announced partnership with DC Comics was released. If you’ve been reading my tweets over theContinue reading “My Webtoon Obsession Pt. 2: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures”

Promises Shromises

In my last post, I promised to write something short every single day of Ramadan to help keep me focus and ride this zen state I found myself in BUT my body betrayed me and I got a sinus infection instead. I wasn’t in the most contemplative state unfortunately and I still feel pretty gross.Continue reading “Promises Shromises”