Ugh. Hawkeye.

I’ve been on the record about my dislike of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) version of Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner. This dislike has nothing to do with Jeremy Renner and everything to do with the MCU’s approach to the character which involves mediocre/nonexistent character development as well as terrible character development aka Hawkeye-goes-by-the-name-Ronin-in-Avengers: Endgame-and-spends-the-beginning-of-the-movie-traveling-to-different-countries-to-murder-brown-bad-guysContinue reading “Ugh. Hawkeye.”

My Webtoon Obsession Pt. 2: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures

Last time, I talked about my recent return to Webtoon with Lore Olympus. My timing was perfect because right after I caught up on that webcomic (171 episodes to be exact), the first webcomic to come out of Webtoon’s recently announced partnership with DC Comics was released. If you’ve been reading my tweets over theContinue reading “My Webtoon Obsession Pt. 2: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures”

The MNT #3 – April 2017 – Criticizing Comics While Black by Ardo Omer

I was invited to write something for The MNT when it first started and at first, I had pitched something that was very different from the finished product. It was a very difficult process. I had hit an intense writer’s block and the deadline was fast approaching. Around this time, I had already started toContinue reading “The MNT #3 – April 2017 – Criticizing Comics While Black by Ardo Omer”

Osgoode As Gold nominated for an award!

This seems to be the song everyone is using lately to celebrate an accomplishment. I have a short comic in Toronto Comics: Osgoode As Gold with artist Katherine Olenic and the anthology was nominated for the 2019 Gene Day Award for Independent Press Anthology Collections. It’s part of the overall Joe Shuster Awards and thereContinue reading “Osgoode As Gold nominated for an award!”

And I Oop—

It’s July 1 and today is a celebration of two of my identities: Canada Day and Somalia Independence Day! Writing these monthly posts is how I’m trying to keep myself accountable and if you’ve noticed, I’m a bit behind. The delay is a combination of fasting for Ramadan and also dealing with a bout ofContinue reading “And I Oop—”