My Triumphant Return to TIFF

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, I didn’t attend the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). I’ve been going to TIFF since 2012 and the only other time I’ve missed the festival was in 2016 when I was suffering from strep throat (not fun!). Now I’m back in 2021 with thoughts about five filmsContinue reading “My Triumphant Return to TIFF”

Ugh. Hawkeye.

I’ve been on the record about my dislike of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) version of Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner. This dislike has nothing to do with Jeremy Renner and everything to do with the MCU’s approach to the character which involves mediocre/nonexistent character development as well as terrible character development aka Hawkeye-goes-by-the-name-Ronin-in-Avengers: Endgame-and-spends-the-beginning-of-the-movie-traveling-to-different-countries-to-murder-brown-bad-guysContinue reading “Ugh. Hawkeye.”

My Webtoon Obsession Pt. 2: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures

Last time, I talked about my recent return to Webtoon with Lore Olympus. My timing was perfect because right after I caught up on that webcomic (171 episodes to be exact), the first webcomic to come out of Webtoon’s recently announced partnership with DC Comics was released. If you’ve been reading my tweets over theContinue reading “My Webtoon Obsession Pt. 2: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures”

My Webtoon Obsession Pt. 1: Lore Olympus

This year, I’ve been getting back into writing reviews on an ongoing basis. I’ve been writing bit-sized thoughts on kids books (ages 0 – 18) for the Canadian Children’s Book News which has been fun and of course, I’ve been chatting books over at Put A Blurb On It since 2017. However, the podcast beganContinue reading “My Webtoon Obsession Pt. 1: Lore Olympus”

Somalinimo Till I Dhimo

After hearing about Filipino myths from my friend, I realized that I didn’t know much about that side of Somali. I didn’t know pre-islamic Somalia or the royal family or the myths that were passed down from father to daughter and grandmother to grandson. I have the story of Dhegdheer – a long eared woman whoContinue reading “Somalinimo Till I Dhimo”