Somalinimo Till I Dhimo

After hearing about Filipino myths from my friend, I realized that I didn’t know much about that side of Somali. I didn’t know pre-islamic Somalia or the royal family or the myths that were passed down from father to daughter and grandmother to grandson. I have the story of Dhegdheer – a long eared woman whoContinue reading “Somalinimo Till I Dhimo”

The MNT #3 – April 2017 – Criticizing Comics While Black by Ardo Omer

I was invited to write something for The MNT when it first started and at first, I had pitched something that was very different from the finished product. It was a very difficult process. I had hit an intense writer’s block and the deadline was fast approaching. Around this time, I had already started toContinue reading “The MNT #3 – April 2017 – Criticizing Comics While Black by Ardo Omer”

2019 Wrap Up

It’s the final day of 2019. I usually breakdown what I’ve done in the past month (or months) but given how much time has passed and not remembering what happened, I’ll focus on the books I’ve read in the last three months. My 2019 October/November/December reads: Teen Titans: Raven by Kami Garcia, Gabriel Picolo etContinue reading “2019 Wrap Up”

A Walk to September

This is up later than usual. We’re a little over 24 hours before the calendar switches to October and life will be extremely busy for the month of All Hallows Eve. I’m excited to change my Twitter name to a Halloween pun and trying to convince work to do a team costume. Alas, none ofContinue reading “A Walk to September”