Promises Shromises

The Philosopher Kings by Jo Walton. Tor.

In my last post, I promised to write something short every single day of Ramadan to help keep me focus and ride this zen state I found myself in


my body betrayed me and I got a sinus infection instead. I wasn’t in the most contemplative state unfortunately and I still feel pretty gross. What helped was the reading I got done. Batgirl Vol 2: Family Business and Delilah Dirk & The King’s Shilling were great reads while Lady Killer Vol 1 left me feeling unmoved (the art was fabulous though!). The stand out in terms of the comics I read so far is Sunday in the Park with Boys by Jane Mai from Koyama Press.

Sunday in the Park with Boys by Jane Mai. Koyama Press.

I grabbed it at this year’s TCAF and I read it on a Sunday because I’m corny like that. I’ve been pretty existential lately and the comic happened to address that topic which was scary. How could seeing the reflection you’ve been avoiding NOT be scary? I’ll need to revisit it after I read Mai’s other comic, See You Next Tuesday, which I’ll be reading on a Tuesday. I have a brand, y’know? I hope to write about them both for one of the sites I write for. I have t h o u g h t s that need expressing but this isn’t the time or place for a dive into the deep.

All of my deep thinking has been focused on Jo Walton’s The Philosopher Kings which is the second book in her Thessaly series. It’s very good and I’m nearing the end of it. I now want to read Plato’s Republic and go back to reading philosophy. I did a stint in Grade 11 for a semester. It’s where I honed a lot of my critical thinking skills and I recommending taking at least one philosophy class if you can. My final project was to choose a concept and explain it to the class. Of course, I chose Søren Kierkegaard’s “teleological suspension of the ethical” which took a long time to understand but I was successful and I threw it away when the class was over as one does. Anyways, read the Thessaly series because it’s great so far.

Long weekend approaches and I plan to binge read a ton of books. There are shows I enjoy that are having their second season premieres – Killjoys, Dark Matter, and Marco Polo – and I feel pretty much the same about my online writing. Terrible timing if you ask me since I’ve been ask to join a series that analyzes the Suicide Squad comics. I have never read a Suicide Squad comic so I’m doing that now. It’s interesting how deep I find myself in as someone trying to get out. Maybe this is just a phase. Maybe not.

This was supposed to be waaaaay shorter.


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