writing for yourself

I loving writing commentary on pop culture whether it’s critical or just letting people know the cool things that are out there to read, watch and listen to. However, I’ve realized in the last few weeks that I’ve been a bit…blah. I love what I write but the fire has definitely dimmed a bit and I’ve started to ask myself: Why? Why do I feel like I have a hole hiding inside of me somewhere? Why isn’t what I’m doing enough? Then it hit me hard like the end of a sugar high: I haven’t been writing for me.

treat yo self gif

I neglected this blog and my stories in favour of the other stuff I write on the internet. Rather than maintaining a healthy balance between my analysis and excitement of other people’s stuff with the creation of my own, I’ve let myself fall to the wayside. You don’t have to be an aspiring writer, artist etc to give yourself time to create things for yourself. Gardening is one way of doing that for example (I don’t garden fyi). I’ve started to realize that taking time for me should be as much of a priority as making stuff for other people. The reason why this is sometimes hard for me to balance is because what I write for other sites is as much a labour of love as my personal stuff.

What makes my stuff harder to commit to is that I’m only accountable to myself. I can lie to myself because I know I can forgive myself which is a bit of an asshole dynamic to be quite frank but since i’m in a realtionship with myself, it’s hard to see sometimes.

Anyways, I thought I’d put this out there as a reminder. Don’t forget to put yourself first at least half of the time because it helps so much emotionally and makes your life a more rounded and fulfilling one. Like Donna says, “Treat Yo Self”.

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