Spider-Man in a Flash

You never know which piece will end up popular with your readers and I found that out recently over at womenwriteaboutcomics.com. The news that Spider-Man will not only be rebooted (again) but also be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe along side fellow heroes like Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America etc was announced at around midnight on February 10th. My Twitter feed exploded literally seconds before I was going to bed and I was suddenly embued with energy to write up this news. Sleep? What sleep?

Miles Morales. Spider-Man. Marvel Comics.

I knew as soon as I started with “It happened…” that I wanted this write up to be beyond just breaking the news but commenting on it as well. The next thing we’d all be thinking after the initial “HOLY SHIT” would be “what will this Spider-Man look like?” and that’s when this was born:

Marvel Studios Gets A Crack At Spider-Man: Why Both Studios Need A Fresh Take On The Web Slinger.

This was the first time that a piece of mine had gotten so many views and comments but what was even more shocking (and I didn’t notice this until a day or two later) was that a quote from the piece was being reblogged on Tumblr 20, 000 times (it’s currently doubled). It literally froze me in place as I got ready to head home after work. I would be lying if I didn’t say the number of reblogs weren’t awesome but the truly awesome part of it was the particular quote itself because it’s the heart and soul of what I was trying to get across. Having that many people read it and feel the urge to share it was mind-fucking-blowing.

The Flash. Barry Allen. Grant Gustin. The CW. DC Comics. 2014.

The Spider-Man post was spontaneous whereas my piece on CW’s The Flash was a labour of love and it was my favourite piece to write (and re-read) so far. I got the idea after spending 3+ hours discussing theories regarding the show with some friends and someone commented on the makeshift jail that no one knew about and was located under a lab. This wasn’t something I really thought about while watching the show but it should have been (a BA in criminology right here, folks!). I told myself I would write about it but then pushed it aside to write other things. What ultimately lit the fire inside of me was a WWAC contributor and Comicosity staff writer, J. A. Micheline, who wrote a brillaint piece called Firm Feelings On The Batfamily: Jason Todd is the Key to Everything. Everyone should definitely read it and after that, the rest was history:

CW’s The Flash & Due Process: Do Supervillains Have The Right To An Attorney?

It wasn’t as popular as my Spider-Man piece but man, I loved it. I definitely thought the response to both pieces would’ve been different but that goes to show that you’ll never really know how things will turn out. Anyways, that’s just a glimpse behind the scenes of those two pieces. I think I might do this again with other pieces I’ve written or will write.

We’ll see.

– A.

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